Building Mac Standalones from Windows

Alex Rice alrice at
Thu May 22 09:32:00 EDT 2003

On Thursday, May 22, 2003, at 02:47  AM, Mathewson wrote:
> 1.   OS X builds should run on Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2.2 iff
> Carbonlib 1.6 is installed

In addition to what Jan said, in Rev 2.0 the OS X build makes an 
application bundle, which put on Mac OS pre-10 system, just appears to 
be a folder not an application. Some companies, like Omni, used to put 
an empty file in their app bundles that says "OS X required" so pre-10 
users would have an idea.

But I admire your ingenuity for building older Mac versions of your 
app. My opinion is that you shouldn't bother since Mac OS pre-10 are 
obsoleted and not supported by Apple. Evolution needs a little kick 

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