Building data base aps with Rev

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Thu May 22 04:00:01 EDT 2003

--- Tuviah M Snyder <diskot123 at> wrote:
> >| Unfortunatelyt, the query manager is not that
> advanced
> >| (yet) -- you'll have to employ the trick I
> described
> >| yesterday whereby you dynamically change the SQL
> of
> >| the 'detail' queries.
> You can use 
> revSetSQLOfQuery <queryname>,<newsql>
> Also note that as of RC1 you can now link menus, and
> checkboxes to
> queries.
> Tuviah Snyder

That's what it boiled down to, though I got the query
first and changed something in it (the primary key of
the master was put into the query of the detail, and
then the detail query was passed on to

And yes, I did see the added functionality for
checkboxes and popup-menus ; looks great ; though
we'll have to discuss sometime what would be a good
way of implementing menu-buttons whose text property
is linked to another table ; and then how to handle
non-numeric fields within that *grin*

I know, I know : there are plenty of other ideas
people will come up with as they start using it in
their projects ; and not all attention should go to
the database connectivity area.

However, when the next planning comes up, would you
consider a way to not update a record immediately, but
store the new values and update all at once, or flush
them -- though you can probably handle this with a
commit/rollback scheme, that's usually frowned upon.

To get back to the problem I've been encountering with
MySQL complaining : evn though I have a pro-license,
it claims that its current license is exceeded --
which actually means it's unhappy about either some
cursor not having been closed yet when it receives a
new query, or an attempt to make multiple connections
to the same database.

Before I start messing about upgrading to MySQL4 ; I
just read an eplanation of how to do it ; but it
mentions something about dynamic libraries :
Would it be safe to update or do I need to install a
new DLL over the mysql.dll that comes with RR ?

Best regards,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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