Building data base aps with Rev (Jan Schenkel)

Sadhunathan Nadesan sadhu at
Wed May 21 16:54:01 EDT 2003

| Don't worry about it, Sadhu ; like I said, it's not
| for the faint-hearted :-)

	Ok!  Well, I'd like to consider myself one of the lion-hearted
	but, hey .. well, let's just say that, given enough time, I'm
	convinced I can do about anything.  It's just that pesky time thing
	(or maybe delusions of granduer?) .. :-)

| What I meant with both these terms was: a field that
| has 'table' functionality, and serves as a 'portal'
| between the master record and the corresponding detail
| records.


| - to give a field 'table' functionality: open the
| property inspector, go to the 'table' panel, and check
| the 'Table object' checkbox

	oh oh.  Now I feel really dumb, I shoulda found that.  Ok,
	thank you.

| Unfortunatelyt, the query manager is not that advanced
| (yet) -- you'll have to employ the trick I described
| yesterday whereby you dynamically change the SQL of
| the 'detail' queries.

	Ok, I can try that.

| You should have them, but they're actually in the
| 'revDatabase' frontScript, so they only work when
| wrapped within a 'send' command (the frontScript will
| intercept these).


| Tuviah Snyder made an example stack for RunRev 1.1.1
| -- so it doesn't use the nifty new features yet,
| unfortunately. Here's a direct link :

	Will check that out.
| I'll see if I can whip up an example stack with a
| simple master-detail form ; for some reason my last
| test stack, which ran perfectly fine yesterday, is now
| > 
| My apologies for not being clearer ; perhaps Tuviah
| can jump in and correct me where I'm going astray ; I
| have to admit that I'm used to scripting every single
| call to the revdb functions ; however, I love to play
| with new things and dig around.

	No, don't apologize, please!  I am just blown away by the
	gracious help you are donating.

	Will get back to you with my results, and THANKS!


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