Dial tones and converting old sounds

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Wed May 21 15:39:00 CDT 2003

Hi Mark,

> Jacque wrote:
>> HyperCard's dial tones are just sound resources located in the
>> application's resource fork. You can use a sound utility to extract 
>> them
>> and convert them to another sound format such as .aif or .au. Then
>> import them into a Revolution stack and issue the "play" command to 
>> play
>> each sound in the dial string.
> If I use soundApp (PPC) to convert these, I get something that plays 
> too fast,
> so all I can hear is a little pop.  I occasionally have had this 
> problem when
> trying to convert other old sounds as well.  I assume I need to change 
> the
> sampling rate or the bit depth or the encoding or something for this 
> conversion.
> But there are many different settings to choose from.  I tried a few 
> at random,
> but nothing seemed to work.  Any suggestions?

Here are some "revolution friendly" settings, which i use everyday :-)

Bit depth:

8 or 16 bit

Sampling rates:

44.1 Khz (with 16 bit = CD quality, BIG fielsize)
22.05 Khz (good enough for most purposes)
11.025 Khz (hmmm... if you're really lacking disk-space ;-)
Let your ears decide...

AIF (UNCOMPRESSED!!! No AIFC, where C stands for compressed)
AU ("uncompressed" or "µLaw 2:1")
WAV (also preferrably uncompressed)

Stereo or Mono, just what you like/need ;-)

Some of these combinations cannot go together,
but all possible combinations will probably work
either by "play ac" or within a player object.

Check it out...

> mark mitchell


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

Other settings may also work, but these never caused problems,
which is almost more than one can wish :-D

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