numbering backgrounds (was: background owners)

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Wed May 21 12:40:00 EDT 2003

On Wed May 21   Dar Scott  wrote:


> Does this mean that Dave's cool script to find unplaced backgrounds
> (top level, in your words) does not work?

"toplevel" is not my, but the terminology of the Trancript Dictionary
for backgrounds whose direct owners are cards or the stack.

You seem to have overlooked something in my last message of Tuesday
under "background owners" where I responded to the recommendations of
you, miscdas, and Dave Cragg?

I wrote "Indeed, Dave´s "number of cards" suggestion did the trick
This was the direct solution I had dreamed of.

> > if there is a background counter of stack SName then
> Is this true for a background _and_ for a group nested in a background?
> Dar Scott
This seems to be true (and this "number" matter has nothing to do with
the question of "unplaced" backgrounds).

Thanks again for your suggestions.

Wilhelm Sanke

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