Dial/dial tones (repeat message)

Wolfgang M. Bereuter wmb at internettrainer.com
Wed May 21 02:36:02 EDT 2003

On Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 16:03 Europe/Vienna, Ken Norris wrote:

> Added: I really would like to convert my dialers to cross-platform so 
> I can
> have duplicate dialers to dial from whichever platform I'm in. Also, a
> disabled friend's program needs to dial (tones) to a portable phone, 
> because
> they bring him the phone...he doesn't have one in his room. If I can 
> make
> this work, perhaps he can get a phone.

Hi Ken,
To convert and adapt sound files them from any format you have, I would 
strongly recommend the free(!), you want belive its really free, 
version of a professional sound tool called SPARK ME

Then use any dudeluduuuu sound file as a button click sound:
on mouseUp
   play audioClip "dudeluduuuu.wav"
   --do anything
end mouseUp

I have checked a lot of sound tools from Amadeus II to AudioX 2.0 ƒ 
nothing come close to SPARK ME.
(If you are on a Mac)

hope that helps

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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