background owners (and Re: unplaced grp)

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Tue May 20 13:11:02 EDT 2003

Yesterday   I   wrote:

> Is there a quick way to know which of a stack`s backgrounds (groups with
> background behavior set to true) are on no card?
> (snip)
> The problem is that for backgrounds on *unvisited* cards the owners are
> returned as "stack" even when the real owner is the card.
> A workaround is to first go to all cards of a stack - and only after
> that ask for the owners of backgrounds - but this takes extra seconds
> for large stacks on slower computers
> (snip)
> Is there a direct way to determine which backgrounds are on no card at
> all?
In the meantime I have tried the "long name" and the "long ID"
properties to directly identify "unplaced" backgrounds. The results are
the same as with the "owner" property:
Both "unplaced" backgrounds -. that have only the stack as its owner -
and backgrounds placed on cards you did not go to before - return the
"stack" as owner or the next object up in the hierarchy.
So the above described workaround is necessary here, too, to find the
real "unplaced" backgrounds.

Any other suggestions what to try else to find directly unplaced

Stephen Messimer´s message below is somewhat related to my question.
I`ll comment only one line of it ("
Specifically how does one "unplace" a grp once it is made?"):

You choose "remove" in the "edit backgrounds" dialog. If the background
you removed is on no other card as well, it is now totally "unplaced", a
sort of free-floating object in the stack.

I am also interested in Jeanne´s answer to the question below concerning
the object hierarchy.


Wilhelm Sanke

On Tue, 20 May 2003 Stephen Messimer <steve at>
(Subject: Re: unplaced grp)

> Jeanne,
> Please elaborate on unplaced groups. This sounds like a very useful
> idea.
> Specifically how does one "unplace" a grp once it is made?
> Where is an unplaced grp located in the object hierarchy?
> Is a group whose  background behavior is set to true an unplaced grp?
> Thanks,
> Steve
> Stephen R. Messimer, PA
> 208 1st Ave. South
> Escanaba, MI 49829

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