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Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at runrev.com
Tue May 20 12:45:02 EDT 2003

At 6:22 AM -0700 5/20/03, Stephen Messimer wrote:
>Please elaborate on unplaced groups. This sounds like a very useful
>Specifically how does one "unplace" a grp once it is made?
>Where is an unplaced grp located in the object hierarchy?
>Is a group whose  background behavior is set to true an unplaced grp?

You can "unplace" a group with the remove command (or Object menu > Remove
Group). This removes it from the current card, without removing the group
object itself from the stack. If the group has been removed from all cards,
it still exists - it's just not visible on any card.

Like audio clips and video clips, an unplaced group is owned by its stack.

The backgroundBehavior doesn't affect whether the group is placed on a card
or not - just the automatic placement behavior if it's placed on the
current card when you create a new one.

An unplaced, empty group is a handy place for a script library, since it's
not in the message path of any visible object.

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