Trapping a system message (Quicktime component missing)

Malte Brill malte.brill at
Tue May 20 02:51:02 EDT 2003

Mark wrote:
>If it is possible for you, you might consider providing the needed
>components in your distribution of your software.  I know that the
>needed components to OS X and DivX are available online.  Not sure
>about the other platforms though.  A quick google search will bring up
>your options for them as well.

>Is there a reason you need DivX support?  Would it be possible to
>encode your videos in mpeg or QT iteslf?

Hi Mark,

the app. I´ve been working on (Fullscreen) is a Player-App. with multiple
playlists, Fullscreen support, prozentual scaling (stepless from 25%-100% of
the screenrect). It´s currently in Beta-Phase for Mac Os 9 and X.
So I don´t know which kind of media users will try to import. If they try to
open DivX;-) the movie will be recognized as a videofile, but the nasty
Quicktime message gets displayed and the playerscreen turns black. So I am
searching for a way to trap this message to avoid any inconvinience. If it
is not possible, I will add a topic on the FAQ and I´m done. Sorrowly that
would not be as elegant as I would like it to be. :-(

Thanks anyway.



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