Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Mon May 19 15:23:02 EDT 2003

I don't know if it's OSX or a bug in REV, but I'm having a hell of a 
time with the simple WRITE TO FILE command.

Instead of overwriting the old file, it always appends at leaves 
garbage of the old data at the end of the file, yet I am clearly 
using the command as I always did in Hypercard...this garbage is 
deadly to a html file....

Must I delete the file entirely before 'overwriting'? This seems 
strange and unneeded. Is there a better syntax? This is not explained 
well in the Transcript guide, especially the "start at" parameter. Is 
it "at" or "start at" ?.

function writeToFile theBlock
   global targetFile
   set the fileType to "MSIETEXT"
   open file targetFile
   write theBlock to file targetFile at 0
   close file targetFile
end writeToFile

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