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>On Sat, 17 May 2003 13:29:30 -0400, Howard Bornstein 
><bornstein at> wrote:
>>  >I find that when I run my project (within the RR runtime
>>>environment - haven't tried a standalone yet) the type size in the menus is
>>>absurdly small - far smaller than that used by RR itself or any other of
>>>the apps running on this machine.
>>This may have something to do with the Mac using 72 dpi as its standard
>>for display and the PC using 96 dpi. Windows XP gives you the option to
>>change the screen dpi in the Display Properties control panel. Click
>>Settings and then click Advanced.
>>I'm not aware of a way to do this on a Mac (you can do it in a browser,
>>but not for the whole computer).
>>...or are you saying it's only the menus that are small but not the rest
>>of the text?
>Howard - thanks for replying. Yes, I do mean that only the menus and 
>their items have the extra-small font. For instance I have some 
>label fields that look much the same as they do on the Mac, maybe a 
>bit smaller but certainly acceptable. I have not previously found it 
>necessary to do anything special with fonts when switching from Mac 
>to Windows, but formerly I used Win 95 or 98 - this is my first 
>outing with XP.
>When I try to find out what the font and size actually being used 
>are, I find that the textFont and the textSize are reported as being 
>those of the owner. The owner of my menus is the group they are in, 
>and if I trace this back, the owner of the group is the card it's 
>on, and the owner of the card is its stack. This finally has a font 
>set - it's MS Sans Serif 10 point underlined (!). I think the type 
>size of the menus is more like 8 point. Strangely when I try to 
>create a field to check this, I find that if I set its font to MS 
>Sans Serif, I can't then reset its font size to anything lower than 
>9 - I am now really confused. Can anyone help?

Hello, I came upon this problem when I first saw one of my programs 
on an XP. What has happened is that the font MS Sans Serif has 
changed its name into Microsoft Sans Serif on XP!  You have to test 
for the system version and then set the font accordingly.

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