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I won't give the two temperatures that the driver noticed
as he drove by the bank.  (Many others will do that.)

But if one accepts quibbling,
there would actually be a third temperature whose 
digits would be reversed IF the bank's electronic
thermometer could only display two digits, and two
digits only.  I will give that one: 40 dF  = 04 dC.

I solved this puzzle the way I often work at Marilyn
Vos Savant's puzzles.  Not by analysis of the logical
rules of the puzzle, but by assembling a mass of
data, then letting the brawn of the computer examine
the data and sort out the answer.  In this case, I
used Excel, which showed that there might be a
third one...quibbling allowed.

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> I thought RunRev fans would enjoy the recent Car Talk puzzle. (Car 
> Talk is a popular American Saturday Public Radio program in the US.)
> It is particularly suited to XTalk which treats numbers as text or 
> numbers depending on the context.
> The local bank outdoor thermometer reports the temperature digitally 
> in both Celcius and Fahrenheit. One morning a driver noticed the 
> centigrade (Celsius) digital temperature reading on the bank 
> thermometer was just the reverse of the Fahrenheit digital 
> temperature reading.
> Driving by the bank later in the afternoon, when the weather had 
> cleared and warmed up, he noticed that the temperatures were higher 
> but once again the digits of the Centigrade and Fahrenheit readings 
> were reversed.
> What were the two temperatures?
> In case you  have forgotten: tc = 5/9*(tf - 32)

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