Menu Font Size

Howard Bornstein bornstein at
Sat May 17 12:38:00 EDT 2003

>I find that when I run my project (within the RR runtime 
>environment - haven't tried a standalone yet) the type size in the menus is 
>absurdly small - far smaller than that used by RR itself or any other of 
>the apps running on this machine.

This may have something to do with the Mac using 72 dpi as its standard 
for display and the PC using 96 dpi. Windows XP gives you the option to 
change the screen dpi in the Display Properties control panel. Click 
Settings and then click Advanced.

I'm not aware of a way to do this on a Mac (you can do it in a browser, 
but not for the whole computer).

...or are you saying it's only the menus that are small but not the rest 
of the text?


Howard Bornstein
D E S I G N  E Q

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