Application path problem in OS X standalone

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Thu May 15 14:52:01 EDT 2003

At 9:57PM -0700 5/14/03, Howard Bornstein wrote:
>Under what circumstances would you want or need to know the internal
>structure of the bundle?

You can store files of your own inside the bundle, and if you do so, you
need to be able to work with the contents.

>IOW, why was the choice made to have the
>filename return the location inside the bundle rather than the location
>of the bundle itself? I'm just wondering what the justification was to
>create this cross-platform dissonance of the filename property.

Well, because that's where the executable file *is* (in actuality).

The Finder disguises the fact that the bundle isn't a file, but the
underlying OS calls do not; if you ask the operating system "what is the
path to the running application?", it gives you the path to the
application, not to the folder it's in.

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