Best way to have Rev launch toolbarless browser?

Toma Tasovac ttasovac at Princeton.EDU
Wed May 14 15:14:01 EDT 2003

I think your problem with Safari may have to do with its aversion to 
pop-up windows, i.e. opening links which were not klicked on by the 
user -- I remember having to redesign a website which used a java script because it wouldn't launch in Safari.

On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, at 03:27  PM, RGould8 at wrote:

> I've been experimenting with a number of methods to get Revolution to 
> launch the user's default browser to a web-site, yet hide the 
> browser's toolbars.  (back, forward, home, etc).  I don't need 
> Revolution to control the site once it's launched - - - all it has to 
> do is launch the web-site with no toolbars visible in the browser.
> This application would run off of a CD-ROM, and will not have the 
> capability of uploading .htm files to a server. 
> The only working solution I've come up with so far is to write a .htm 
> file to the user's hard-drive which opens, and then immediately does a 
> command to the external site with the "toolbars=no" tag 
> set.  Then I use Revolution's revGoURL "file://" command to launch 
> that dynamically-generated .htm file.
> This works, except it's risky.  I've found that I need to clear out 
> the .htm file's creator/filetype string, otherwise Revolution will 
> launch TextEdit instead of the user's web-browser.
> This technique appears to work in Internet Explorer, except that it 
> doesn't work in Safari, which I suspect will be gaining more 
> marketshare in the near future.
> The .htm file looks like this:  (altered tags so they wouldn't get 
> eaten by email readers)
> [html]
> [head]
> [script]
> function hidebars(){
> window.close();
> }
> [/script]
> [/head]
> [body onload="hidebars()"]
> [/body]
> [/html]
> So, this is a two-part question:
> 1)  Is there a better way?
> 2)  Any idea why browser's other than IE don't like this .htm file?
> If you open this .htm file in IE, it should work for you - - - it will 
> immediately open in a new browser-window, with no 
> toolbars.

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