write file creates .htm which loads in TextEdit

Terry Vogelaar terry at discovery.nl
Tue May 13 00:45:07 EDT 2003

RGould8 at aol.com heeft op dinsdag, 13 mei 2003 om 00:59 het volgende 

> I don't know if this is a fault with Rev 2.0 or with Mac OS X or me 
> (probably me ;).  I've written a Rev app which writes a small text 
> file called "dynamicdata.htm", to the hard-drive.  I next want to have 
> Revolution open this file in Internet Explorer.  The problem is that 
> even though the extension is .htm, Mac OS X is assigning TextEdit as 
> the file-type/owner of this file instead of IE, so when Rev goes to 
> open it with the revGoURL command, it just opens TextEdit instead of 
> launching the page with IE.  Is there a way I can get around this 
> problem?

Mac OS X first sees if there is a type/crea code. If not, it uses the 
extension. So the result you get is normal behavior. Just use: set the 
fileType to "MSIETEXT" and your problem is solved.


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