Here we go again on Launch

Roger Guay rogerguay at
Sat May 10 19:18:01 EDT 2003

When it comes to Launch, I am still out to launch!  Here is a progress 

First, Dan Friedman's code works!!  Thanks for that, Dan.

As for the Launch command I can launch an application like Appleworks 6 
with the following code:

         Launch "/Macintosh HD/Applications/Appleworks 6/Appleworks"

However no combination of magic words allows me to Launch a file with 
an application.  e.g.

  Launch "/Macintosh HD/MyPes.cwk" with "/Macintosh 
HD/Applications/Appleworks 6/Appleworks"

does not work.  Nor does

  Launch "/Macintosh HD/MyPes.cwk" with "/Appleworks"


Also,  thanks to Valetia  for the suggestion of placing "/volumes" in 
front i.e.  "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/MyPres"  However this does not work  

BTW, I am running Mac OS X

What the heck gives??

Thanks, Roger

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