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Fri May 9 22:30:02 EDT 2003

I've got a Rev application that is sublaunched from Mindvision VISE.   The 
only reason at present for using VISE is it's ability to quit all other 
applications before continuing.   If I can accomplish this in Rev by itself, 
that would be great, as then I can stop paying all these VISE licensing fees. 
  (We also used VISE to track which Mac OS was being used and sublaunch 
either the OS 8/9 Rev engine or the OS X rev engine, but now we're just 
releasing OS X products, so this is not an issue anymore)   We also use VISE 
to copy a couple of Unix commands to the user's temp directory, but I can do 
that in Rev.

The way that Mindvision VISE searches for active applications is quite 
robust, and I'm not sure if Rev can do it all.   Somehow VISE goes through 
each app and detects if it's running, and quits it.   Sometimes applications 
refuse to quit, and VISE alerts the user that they will have to quit the 
other application manually.   I realize that one can tell applications to 
quit via Applescript, but I'm sure there are all kinds of time-out issues to 
take into consideration.   

Has anyone every tried to do something like this in Revolution before?
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