Special Char Suggestions?

curry curry at pair.com
Fri May 9 06:10:00 EDT 2003

>I think ?: notation as found in C would be OK for a functional "if"
>should we eventually get that in the language, so perhaps those should
>be avoided.

Dar, your post really caught my attention because that was THE reason 
I checked the list today--I was going to ask if anyone had been using 
this (and what are official plans for the ? character, if any).

Lately I've been using:

function ? x,a,b
  if x then
   return a
   return b
  end if
end function

This is really helping in the project I'm working on.

I was trying to think of a regular name for the function, but didn't 
find one I liked so I'm using the ? for the time being, which looks 
pretty clear in script.



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