speech and XP

revolution at knowledgeworks.plus.com revolution at knowledgeworks.plus.com
Thu May 8 21:48:02 EDT 2003

I'm really busy on another project right now, and haven't been able to spend much time working with Rev or testing the new features.

However, I did install 2.0 Beta 2 on Windows XP, and thought I would have a look at text-to-speech, and it didn't work.  When I try to run the sample stack "revspeech" the selection box for voice says "none available".

I have seen a couple of emails on the group suggesting that the speech facility was not working, and others that it was working.  I've also seen that it appears it will only work on OS X and win32.

I'm raising this now in response to Kevin saying that this is the last chance to report bugs.

I'm currently connecting over a slow link (that gets cut off automatically after 2 hours) so I'm not sure that I can download RC 1 to check if the speech issue has been resolved.

Could people please confirm on which platforms it does work?  That will at least give runrev some indication if this new feature still needs to be debugged.


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