Revolution 2.0: Release Candidate

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Thu May 8 19:07:05 EDT 2003

>Please let us know as soon as possible, complete with a recipe to
>reproduce the problem, if you find any bugs in this version.

I suspect this may have been around forever; but I just ran into it:

     put newValue into line 2 to -1 of item 1 of sdbBuffer

gives me "bad chunk order:must be small to large"

Since when can't I have multi-line items?  HyperTalk never had a 
problem with it, and I didn't think Transcript did either.

I'm forced to script 3 lines when one should do:

     get item 1 of sdbBuffer
     put newValue into line 2 to -1 of it
     put it into item 1 of sdbBuffer


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