"Silent" installs for QuickTime and MySQL??

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue May 6 13:03:01 EDT 2003

Tian De Kock wrote:

> Does anybody know of "Silent" installs for QuickTime and MySQL? What I
> mean is install programs for the above two apps that will install them
> on Windows, but will install with no user intervention(i.e. you can use
> a script to automatically install them)'.
> This will make one's apps look professional, since the user does not
> have to install QuickTime and MySQL on their own, which could possibly
> be a bit too much for techno-phobes.

The common way this is handled is to have your installer launch the other
installers as part of the installation process.  Apple's QT distribution
license requires you to use their installer, and if only to contain your
support costs you'll deinitely want to leave that in Apple's hands.

Moreover, as a user I would have a problem with an app that installs a lot
of extra and deep system components without keeping me in the driver's seat,
and a "techno-phobe" will appreciate having fewer mysteries in their system
("Why is it that after I install your app my MP3s play in QuickTime?").
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