Post, post command in 1.1.1 acting weird

kee nethery kee at
Mon May 5 05:38:00 EDT 2003

Thank you to Chipp and Dave for the suggestions.

The bug I was running into was a combination of two issues. I hate two 
bug bugs.

The first was the perennial  "how do I make revolution on my OS, insert 
the end of line character that is required by another OS when my system 
is feeding the other system data and revolution tries to out smart me 
and do what it thinks I want instead of what I said I wanted".  That 
problem was resolved by playing around with single line SQL statements 
and making sure they executed correctly and then trying to combine 
lines using different line separators until a combination worked 

The second was a system error of "why is the min() function in an SQL 
statement suddenly considered invalid when max() works just fine". That 
problem I will have our internal systems person fix in his code and in 
the mean time I altered my SQL to not use the min() function.

Because of some other unknown issues yet to be determined, I had 
already added retry code (suggested by Chipp) and I now surround each 
SQL query (via HTTP post) with a select of static text. Even if the 
query returns empty, the pre and post selects of static text should 
return something. If the static text is not in the results, I know 
something failed. I'll retry a failed query 4 times and then do the 
libUrlResetAll and then try again.

For some reason, during all this troubleshooting, it did appear that 
the lvBlockingUrl variable was not emptied on restart of Revolution. If 
it was in a weird state when Revolution was quit, that weird state 
indicator remained on restart. It did not appear to get initialized on 

I ran the libUrl updater but from what I can see, I already had the 
most recent released production version.

Thanks again, for the assistance.

Kee Nethery

PS: It is way cool that we can step into the Revolution libraries and 
see what is happening under the covers. I was able to look at the 
signaling used by Revolution and see what it thought was happening and 
rule out a bunch of conjectures as to the source of the problem.

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