Grabbing HTTP Headers

Dan Shafer dan at
Mon May 5 03:20:01 EDT 2003

OK, I give up. I've spent a few hours researching this and haven't 
found an answer.

Using RR's MetaCard engine as a CGI, how do I grab the HTTP header of 
the incoming request so I can parse it and do meaningful work? There 
has to be a function that does this, but I am stymied trying to find 
it. I have found the libURLLastHTTPHeaders() function but it isn't 
working. Perhaps it's not included in the MetaCard engine and therefore 
not available to CGI processing, but that seems weird because CGI is 
probably 90% of the reason you'd ever want to to get an HTTP header!

Here's my script, set up to run on the MC CGI engine. I know the engine 
works. It's just this script that gives me the usual server 
configuration error garbage.

on startUp
   put libURLLastHTTPHeaders() into tResponse
   put "Content-Type: text/html" & crlf
   put "Content-Length:" & (the length of tResponse) & crlf & crlf
   put tResponse
end startUp

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