New locs for old dialogs

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Sat May 3 19:14:01 EDT 2003

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>Date: Sat, 03 May 2003 14:18:47 +0200
>From: Wilhelm Sanke <sanke at>
>To: use-revolution at
>Subject: Re: New locs for old dialogs
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>There are two  minor changes in my sample stacks
>"" and
>"NewLocAnswer-Revolution.rev" and its "answer dialog" substacks in


>Wilhelm Sanke


Thank you for doing such a thorough job with this and sharing it. You 
are a master of the dialog box. I also needed the reminder that you 
can break the message line in two with  a CR mid-sentence.


P.S. With the changes you have made to the basic answer dialog, I 
think you get a top-centered box with a simple call to answer "Dialog 
is at the  top - center."

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