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yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Sat May 3 02:09:01 EDT 2003

>Hi all
>I have had success with Yves script and some minor adjustments.
>Is there a way to cover ages that cross over the "centuryCutoff" 
>setting? I found that the Mac still handles the script, but gives an 
>age - one hundred years out though. Windows just refuses to try to 
>work it out - "spits the dummy" at -  put (item 1 of enddate - item 
>1 of startdate) into diffan. (Even with the full year input.)
>This script does what I had initially set out to do, however for use 
>in other situations, such as Genealogy, it is a bit limiting! Has 
>anyone played with this?
>Yves, I was curious as to why you added this part of the script. 
>When I watch it in the Script Bug Mode, I don't see how it 
>influences the outcome - as it doesn't - but would be interested in 
>your thinking and intention as you put it in.

I added it because I wrote a software for a school, so the calculated 
age is not so old !!!
But my problem was the changing of century and therefore I added the 
command line with "century"


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