New locs for old dialogs

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri May 2 11:22:01 EDT 2003

Wilhelm Sanke wrote:

> On Thu May 1 Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Wilhelm Sanke wrote:
>>> No need even to comment the respective lines of the answer dialog of
> the
>>> Mac version of Revolution that define the loc as long you add the
> above
>>> line "if the Newloc....." just before "end preopenstack".
>> Alternatively, you could put this in a frontscript and never worry
> about
>> customizing the dialogs:
>> on preOpenStack
>> if the short name of this stack is in "answer dialog,ask dialog"
> then
>> set the loc of this stack to the screenLoc
>> end if
>> pass preOpenStack
>> end preOpenStack
>> Richard Gaskin
> Richard,
> That depends on what you are looking for.
> If you want all the dialogs to be placed at one and the same place, such
> a frontscript would be handy.

Not necessarily:  the handler above only affects secified dialogs.

> If you want to have the option to decide for each single modal dialog
> where you want to place it - for instance because you want to avoid
> specific areas of  a card or the screen to be hidden - a solution with
> an added scriptline in the modal stack itself and another scriptline
> directly inside the triggering handler for determining the loc would
> probably be more convenient.

The difficulty of modifying Ask and Answer dialogs is the frequency of
updates.  Both MC and Rev are under constant development, so making
modfications to their dialogs gets old after the first dozen times. :)

> It should be easy to construct your own dialogs once you are familiar
> with the use of the dialogdata property and custom properties for the
> exchange of data between a mainstack and a modal dialog,

Agreed, and often the very best option.  But now and then the Ask and Answer
are so convenient it's hard to resist the temptation to use them also.

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