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Fri May 2 04:30:01 CDT 2003

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This is a follow up to the post sent earlier today, testing from home
on my LAN there.

Now I am at work and, have the same problem.  Unable to connect to

Note:  since at work I can log into another Linux box, I can prove
that connections are working to my data base over our internal
network.  I can set environment variables as follows:

setenv PGHOST sdwebapp
setenv PGDATABASE mydb
setenv PGUSER testusr
host sdwebapp

Upon typing psql, I am in the interactive sql monitor and I can query
the data base.  In other words, I am talking to the data base over a
network connection, the data base is live and well, etc.

However, when I try setting up the Rev DB Query manager with these
values, and then try a connect, it gives me the connection error message

My set up:

name: new query 1
host: sdwebapp
database: mydb
user: testusr
password: (i put the working password, been tested)
type: postgresql
port: 5432
open connection when: stack opens

The error message:

There was an error in connecting to the databse.  Please check that
the connection fields are correct.  Revdb: error : server closed the
connection unexpectedly.  This probably means the server terminated
abnormally before or while processing the request.

Ok, so, please help!  How do I make it work?


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