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Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Mon Feb 24 05:35:01 CST 2003

on Mon Feb 24 02:39:01 2003 
Geoff Canyon wrote:

>Some of you may be aware of the Rev Docs wiki, 
>which I set up awhile back (if you're not, 
>I invite you to have a look). 
>The pages of a wiki are editable by anyone, including

This is a wonderful resource, thanks Geoff!

>A few months ago I put up some pages comparing 
>Revolution to REALbasic.  
>Now I've added similar pages comparing Revolution 
>and AppleScript Studio.
>Also, if anyone has suggestions for comparisons to
>other tools, feel free to add them.

Equally helpful could be to compare their languages
with Transcript, with hints and tips to translate
other tools code for use in RunRev.

For example, How to translate and use VB code, Lingo,
ActionScript (Flash), C, Pascal, etc...

Development enviroments changes, but code stay.

Keep Up the good work!


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