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Fri Feb 21 16:41:01 CST 2003

Here's the full scoop:

1) The default path starts in the Rev directory (or wherever the MC
interpreter is running ). Let's say "C:\Program Files\Revolution\".

2) If you want to launch something in that directory, you just need to
provide the relative path (as Richard mentioned).

3) If you want to launch something in another directory, but *on the
same drive*, you can "cd" to the directory and use "start" on the item
in the directory, concatenated with a "&", as in:

  cd c:\program files\microsoft office\office10 & start winword.exe

4) If you want to launch something *on another drive*, you have to do it
in three stages: "cd" to the drive itself (optionally including the
drive letter), then "cd" to the directory, then "start" the file, as in:

  cd i:\ & cd i:\mystuff\launchfiles & start MyApp.exe

Just trying this:

  cd i:\mystuff\launchfiles & start MyApp.exe

when you're on the "C:" drive just won't work.

Hope this clears things up,

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> > problems of
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> I'm not sure about that. Just being paranoid :-) I encountered that
> problem on OS X with Rev <-> Javascript <-> shell commands.
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