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Wed Feb 19 06:08:00 CST 2003

On Dienstag, Februar 18, 2003, at 11:57  Uhr, Ken Norris (dialup) wrote:

> Something to think about, but I AFAIK, I imported it, which places the 
> image
> in the stack. Besides, path errors wouldn't account for the graphic 
> drawings
> which were drawn on the card, which also went missing.
> I'm going to see if renaming the stack helps. Jan says RR uses a "Rev"
> prefix internally for drawing to the screen, and I had prefixed the 
> stack
> name with the same thing. I suppose it could have caused it to mistake 
> what
> it's supposed to show.

Sometimes you dont think at the most closest thing.. (Dont know if you 
say it like that in english...)
I work a lot with importing images as controls. The simplest way to 
"loose" them is: When you have a lot of (bigger) images on a card and 
forget after importing to sort them (the layers) in the "correct" 
So one image can be hidden behind another one or a group very easyly...

hope that helps

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