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mark mitchell cowhead at
Tue Feb 11 09:34:00 CST 2003

mark mitchell wrote:

>> Someone wrote:
>> "Put image 3 into image 4"
>> This does not work for me.  I tried both with images pointing to an
>> image stored elsewhere (outside of rev) and for images stored in the
>> stack.  All I get is a white or gray image.  What am I doing wrong?
>> (Mac OS 10.15)

I played with this some more and have discovered the problem.  "Put 
image X into image Y" does NOT work if image X is derived from a 
snapshot, but DOES work if it is an imported JPEG.  This is true for the 
beta 2.0 version of Rev as well (mac OS 10.15).  It says in the docs 
that the snapshot format is proprietary, so I suppose it has something 
to do with that.
I use a lot of snapshots, so I think I'll stick with setting the icons 
of buttons for imported images and setting the fileNames for referenced 

mark mitchell

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