Still need help with grab problems

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Thu Feb 6 05:39:02 CST 2003

Hi folks

I have a problem which I've described before, but I believe I have 
tried all suggestions made by listers (like fiddling with the 
alwaysBuffer property, etc.) and I'm still foxed, so I'm just going 
to state the issue again in case anyone can help.

I have a stack which displays a card on which there are a number of 
static graphic objects, and at the top layer there are also some 
image objects. The user can move these around the screen with the 
mouse. The script in each image for the moving is just

   on mouseDown
    grab me
   end mouseDown

When these images arrive at certain places on the screen, other 
scripts come into play, but during the movement, it's just grabbing.

Now, this works fine on my Macs, with a reasonably smooth traversal 
and the image keeping up with the physical mouse movement, but on the 
PC versions the image gets stuck when crossing a certain area of the 
screen, and can take tens of seconds to catch up with the mouse. I 
have tried to work out what is unique about this screen area, and it 
seems that 'below' the image at this point is a coloured (filled) 
rectangle, and below that a player object with a (stopped) QT movie 
in it. The strange thing is that I have tried to reduce this problem 
to its essentials by just recreating a single image traversing a 
rectangle with a player object under it, and there doesn't seem to be 
a problem. There must be some other factor coming into play (perhaps 
the total number of objects in the window?) but I can't think of a 
way of attacking it, since AFAIKS it's not a scripting issue.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

As a perhaps relevant aside, what do people think is now the minimum 
sensible hardware and software combination on a PC to run the Revo 
1.1. engine? I know my PCs are way out of date, but as a Mac person I 
don't know what to suggest to my users as a minimum setup.

          Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France

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