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Tue Feb 4 13:42:01 CST 2003

"Ken Norris (dialup)" <pixelbird at> wrote:
> All I want is for the full 800x600 image to show in its entirety. I don't
> mind if some dev windows cover it, like the tool palettes, as long as I can
> remove them and _know_ the image is actually all there. I'm going crazy
> here. I'm sorry, a number of people have given some instruction about this,
> but nothing seems to work. I really need someone to lead me step by step [
> 1), 2), 3), ], I guess, because I just don't get it...

I'll give it a try. First, set the editmenus of the stack to true. This 
will force the menu group into view on a Mac.

On a Mac, when editmenus is later set to false, Rev will scroll the top 
part of the card window out of view and shorten the window height by the 
same amount as the menu group (not by the height of the menu buttons 
within the group, but by the height of the whole group itself.) If you 
are losing an inch from the image, then your menu group is probably 
about 72 pixels high. The menu buttons may be less, but the menu group 
is what matters. If necessary, resize the group so that it is only as 
high as the tallest button within the menu group. This is usually the 
larger button that sits behind and provides a base for the actual menu 
buttons. Use the message box or the properties palette to find out the 
exact height of the now-resized menu group and make a note of it.

Once that is done, calculate the height your stack needs to be. What you 
want is a height equal to the height of your image PLUS the height of 
the menu group. If your (now adjusted) menu group is 26 pixels high and 
the image is 600 high, then your stack height needs to be 626 pixels. 
Set the stack to that height. Place the menu group with its top edge at 
the top of the card. Place the large image with its bottom edge at the 
bottom of the card. Save the stack.

Now set the editmenus of the stack to false. On a Mac, the top of the 
card will scroll out of view by the exact amount in the menu group -- 26 
pixels, in this example. What remains is the lower portion of the card 
below the menu group -- which is all went well, is 600 pixels, all of 
which should be occupied by your large image.

There used to be a problem with the engine trying to be a little too 
intelligent and resizing the stack if it is bigger than the monitor can 
display. I don't know if this was changed or not (haven't had to use it 
in a while.) But if you are trying to display a 600-pixel-high image on 
a monitor set to 640x480 you may run into some problems. In that case, 
you'd have to implement a script as has been suggested here, which sets 
the stack size dynamically on startup or openstack. That would ensure 
that your stack can overcome the engine's eagerness to assist you with 
display size.

More on managing menus is at my tutorial:

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