Furby.rev (a virtual Furby toy)

miscdas at boxfrog.com miscdas at boxfrog.com
Tue Feb 4 12:07:03 CST 2003

Rick Harrison writes: 

> on 2/4/2003 10:30 AM, Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com at
> Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com wrote: 
>> I'm sure William would love to hear some words of encouragement from you
>> guys (off list at <n64william at yahoo.com>).
>> roger.e.eller at sealedair.com 
> Roger, 
> It's cute, but there is no way to quit the application
> under OS 9.2.2 
> You might want to tell William to try adding some sounds
> to spice it up. 
> Have fun! 
> Rick Harrison 

Mr. Harrison, 

Perhaps you missed this address from above? n64william at yahoo.com 

I'm sure young William would appreciate your direct response, rather than 
passing it through his father. Likewise, why make dad the middleman? 

By the way, under Win XP pro, MetaCard, I can exit no problem using the 
window's native close button. 


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