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I'll chime in here for the Rev way of doing it, if you intend to use 
images in multiple instances and even more... if  you want to use those 
same images  at  different sizes in different instances...

Having used the "store image in a substack, call via button icon image 
ID" method... I would say, though it may seem a little like a work 
around that... works very well.

Also I have had trouble with changing image sizes in pre-open card 
handlers for images that are part of a background group... but those 
same display problems went away when I put the image in a substack and 
programatically changed the size of the image that is stored in the 
substack, in preopen card handlers. The subsequent button instance 
display always works as expected., such that multiple "instances"  
across different cards can be of different sizes with zero additional 
overhead in terms of speed. If you keep the images on disk, forget it...

There is one "gotcha" here though.. watching out for shifting ID's as 
you import new images...

How would one use this? imagine full screen images that later in our 
presentation become small thumbnails which have all the attributes of a 

On Monday, February 3, 2003, at 03:06 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, "erik hansen"  wrote:
>>> The benefit of referencing external files is
>>> ease of file management (you
>>> add and remove images from an external 'images'
>>> directory at will), and
>>> potentially lower memory requirements, if you
>>> reference the images only when needed.
>> any benefit of importing the image files?
> Sure.  If you only have a few images, or your images consist of only a 
> few K
> in filesize, managing them externally is probably not worth the effort.
> Just use a little common sense when deciding where to place your 
> images.
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