Import MIDI file as movie

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Sun Feb 2 20:31:01 CST 2003

UDI writes:
"...Will not there be a method to import a MIDI file in stack rightly?"

Most applications that play MIDI files on Mac OS & OS X do so via 
Quicktime, which has built-in (Roland) synthesizers.  On Windows, I 
understand that the Windows Media Player is accessed.

When working with MIDI within Revolution, you use the Quicktime player 
if you would like to be able to specify instrument, tempo, meter, etc.  
  I don't know of another way to access a suitable synthesizer.  Were 
you thinking of piping MIDI data to an external tone generator through 
a USB port?

One problem that is bypassed in using Quicktime to deal with MIDI files:
MIDI files often seem to have proprietary data that is specific to a 
certain hardware configuration or software application; Quicktime 
"knows" when and how to ignore such data.

But UDI, you are the one who wrote the stack "makeSMF"; surely you know 
all of this, so I may be misunderstanding you?


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