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Jim Hurley jhurley at
Sat Feb 1 07:54:01 CST 2003

>  erik hansen  wrote:
>always read the fine print.
>now i can't get it to open.
>which app is good to open this Simpletext doc?
>ahhh! RunRev is.
>hey, this is fun!
>erik at


I suspect the problem you are having is in converting the document 
from PC to Mac.

Richard Gaskin has this nifty AppleTalk application he wrote to make 
the conversion painlessly. You just have to drag the document onto 
the icon and presto, PC to Mac conversion. I can send it to you off 
line if you can't find it on his web site--I am assuming it that is 
alright with Richard???

If you have anything like ResEdit you can do it manually. You have to 
change the type to RSTK and the creator to Revo

I submitted it as a Mac document but, alas, it was converted to a PC document.

Jim Hurley

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