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Wed Dec 31 02:56:21 CST 2003

Scott Rossi wrote:

> On 12/31/03 12:38 AM, "Jan Schenkel" <janschenkel at> wrote:
>>>> choose select tool
>>>> drag from topleft of img "wdm" to bottomright of img "wdm"
>>>> Rev returns a useless compiling error
>> Have you tried the following ?
>> lock messages
> Bingo -- a workaround.  Apparently there is some conflicting message in the
> IDE (see previous post).

You might also try adding a stub handle in your stack for the
selectedObjectChanged message, which would prevent Rev's backscript from
doing its updating.

Of course that's just a diagnostic test; preventing the IDE from updating
will of course prevent Rev's Inspector and other elements from working.

But if you want to live on the edge you can try working with that message
trapped for an afternoon, using my property sheet tool for setting
properties (4W Props in RevNet).  Not for the faint of heart, but I
sometimes need total control over messages so I spend a fair amount of time
with just my own tools with everything else shut off, just me and the

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