GET Request from Revolution Fails

jbv jbv.silences at
Tue Dec 30 09:42:55 EST 2003

Hi there,

> So, our eCommerce xTalk back end complete with CC# verification,
> authorization and run time charge and deposit with all associated HTML
> for online subscriptions to Hinduism Today magazine ... is almost
> complete. If anyone thinks it useful I'll post the code on the
> contributions... so, we really don't need PERL after all  --Thank
> goodness, because we are not "real" programmers here anyway...

I'm highly interested in your code, as I might do something
quite similar for a client soon.
I missed a part of this thread though, hence my question :
is your xTalk script running as a client app or as a CGI script
on a server responding to requests sent from a browser ?

In the project I might work on next month, various tasks will need
to be done, including on-the-fly generation of PDF docs; that's why
I'd prefer to use MC as CGI rather than Perl of PHP (as such onthefly
generation of docs is easier - by several orders of magnitude - to do
with xTalk).
End users will also have the possibility to deposit some money (via their
CC#) on a personal account, for which I'd like to provide some online
management tools (mostly : history). Obviously, such online tools
require secure connections via SSL / https, and I guess there's no
hope to manage such process from MC/Rev as CGI...


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