Converting a PicHandle to format for use with imageData

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Dec 29 12:11:41 CST 2003

On Monday, December 29, 2003, at 09:38 AM, Trevor DeVore wrote:

> I've had a request to add support to my QT External for extracting an 
> image from a QuickTime movie (poster movie or the frame at a certain 
> point in time) and assigning it to an image in Revolution.  Getting an 
> image from a QT movie is pretty straightforward but the QT API returns 
> a PicHandle.  I have absolutely no idea how to get this into a format 
> that Revolution could use for imageData and was wondering if anyone on 
> the list had any experience with this.

You might also consider a format you can put directly into the 'text' 
property of the image.  You might experiment and see what formats you 
can stuff in directly.  Or you can set it from a file if that is not 
too slow or otherwise a problem.

The function exportPicHandleToFile() here might give you some ideas on 
working with picHandle:

Dar Scott

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