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Alex Rice alex at mindlube.com
Mon Dec 29 00:23:03 CST 2003

On Dec 28, 2003, at 6:09 PM, Neville Smythe wrote:

> No sorry Alex, the pulsating button is NOT the problem - that doesn't  
> take very much CPU time at all (Apple wouldn't make that mistake,  
> which would be entirely unacceptable)

GUI performance on older hardware has been a common complaint since Mac  
OS public beta. The throbbing default button is but one of many  
potentially resource sucking things in the OS X GUI.

> Check out any dialog box with a pulsating button (well, any of the  
> Apple apps, and anything I've written :-)) --- hardly any effect on  
> CPU usage.

As a Cocoa programmer I agree with you that the default buttons use  
less resources there than in revolution. But it used to be markedly  
worse, and has improved with every release of OS X.

> RunRev seems to have a tight loop running in the Find & Replace window  
> when something is present in the search field (but not otherwise).

Throbbing default buttons have been a performance issue. At least I was  
aware of the issue before being a Revolution programmer at all.

This is the post, probably, I am remembering. Same issue, but having  
nothing to do with Revolution:  

But Tuviah's post suggests Revolution has a sub-optimal way of drawing  
buttons/ asking the OS to draw the buttons. (I guess: Runrev does not  
do the drawing: it is requesting the OS to draw a pulsating button) Is  
it two different issues we are talking about? Maybe the problem I'm  
talking about got fixed with 10.1 and the problem you are talking about  
is specific to the Find & Replace window. Maybe it's  
low-level-event-related and Tuviah is the only one who really  
understands it. The latter is my guess.

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