CPU running hot

Rodney Tamblyn rodneyta at telpacific.com.au
Sun Dec 28 07:26:09 EST 2003

I've tried it myself and can confirm Neville is correct.

I just want to add another vote of urgency to this topic: I have been 
very concerned about how hot my powerbook has been getting while using 
Revolution.  It's normal for the fan to come on after several hours of 
operation, but with Revolution I've noticed the fan starting after only 
30 minutes or so, which is not acceptable.  I have been using default 
style buttons lately, but will have to stop using them now.

This definitely needs to be fixed - has someone reported it to Rev 

~ Rodney
Rodney Tamblyn
44 Melville Street
New Zealand
+64 3 4778606

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