[OT] PowerPoint art by David Byrne

Mark Brownell gizmotron at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 28 00:00:17 EST 2003

>>> it is a poor workman who blames his tools.
>>> Erik
>> ... and it is an even poorer workman that blames his materials.
>> Mark Brownell
> Where does that put the person who blames the documentation? ;)
>  Richard Gaskin

Perhaps another colorful colloquialism spoken by craftsman will help:

"I cut this board and it turned out it was too short so I cut it again 
and it was still too short."

Even though we made fun of the new guys, in almost all cases, we let 
them off the hook after a short while, especially the ones that showed 
an eagerness to learn. This use-revolution discussion list is the glue 
that binds the process of learning  Revolution together with the 
sometimes lost feeling one gets when searching for solutions in the 
docs. And here, there are no colorfully placed pranks to get the cheap 
laugh at the newbie expense.


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