GET Request from Revolution Fails

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Fri Dec 26 22:22:36 EST 2003

OK more info on this one:

We suspect it is because Revolution is not able to accept an https  
URL... it return "Invalid URL"  a search on the lists doesn't turn up  

Hope there is a work around and we are missing something simple...

## where we are trying to get the returned web page from verisign

put URL  
ONE=8088223012&FAX=8088223012&USER1=&METHOD=CC" into temp

put the result

changing this to :

GET URL temp

also doesn't work.

we get the same error. "it" is empty as well.

Now if I paste the same url into a browser it works perfectly. Strange.  
Any ideas? It almost looks as if Rev can't to https connections??

What I really want to do is use POST as in the following (but that  
doesn't work either):

HONE=8088223012&FAX=8088223012&USER1=&METHOD=CC" to URL  

We could use the onboard "curl" shell command but the credit card info  
is going to end up in the server logs... not ideal.


On Dec 26, 2003, at 4:18 PM, Sannyasin Sivakatirswami wrote:

> If we set up a GET request URL string and put it in a browser, it  
> works. This is a typical credit card transaction with VeriSign,  
> Payflow Link. We want to be able to set this  up in Revolution, but a  
> simple GET url with the same string as used in the browser fails. I  
> can create a xTalk CGI with the exact same URL string and  that works  
> either with POST or GET. But if I try to use GET from Revolution to a  
> VeriSign CGI it fails.  We suspect VeriSign is wanted some special  
> headers? If so, what might it be? Their documentation on creating the  
> web back end for this was pretty clear and we followed it, but it  
> still doesn't work from Revolution.
> Meanwhile we will test by returning the globals from  GET sent from a  
> browser, to our own CGI,  and then make our own httpheaders going out  
> from the Revolution app, to match the browser request, but this still  
> is not going to clue  us into exactly what is causing the GET to  
> VeriSign to fail.
> Once we get the script to work at home, hopefully this will be  
> transferable to the web site to run as a faceless back end CGI script  
> on the web server where and old version of MC Linux engine is  
> installed (we are still unable to install a new Linux version of the  
> Revolution engine because it wants those libraries that are not  
> installed.)
> The goal is a full-fledged back end xTalk CGI solution to a store  
> front with automatic run-time, credit card verification, run and  
> deposit, we are very, very close, but still fumbling in the dark  
> here... help!
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