QT 6.5, new MIDI instruments

Trevor DeVore lists at mangomultimedia.com
Fri Dec 26 10:48:45 EST 2003

On Dec 26, 2003, at 6:31 AM, Kurt Kaufman wrote:

> "What is the problem that the audio/MIDI player controller has with OS
> X/Rev2?"
> In OS X standalones only (not when running stacks in the Rev IDE),  
> when QT players are being used for audio-only files (sound or MIDI),  
> the controller does not update properly). For details, see:
> http://www.runrev.com/revolution/developers/bugdatabase/show_bug.cgi? 
> id=337

I actually reported this same bug last week (without searching first to  
see if it was there) along with some other QT stuff.  I see the problem  
in the IDE as well as a distribution using audio files.  Another  
problem is that if you start a QT player using transcript (set playRate  
to 1) the play/pause button does not update and you have to click the  
button twice to pause the controller.

I imagine the problem is related to the same one that keeps  
effects-only movies from working which Tim Monroe noted in his MacTech  
articles on Revolution.  I think he mentioned that MCIdle probably  
wasn't being called often enough.

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