CPU running hot

Alex Rice alex at mindlube.com
Fri Dec 26 02:31:47 EST 2003

On Dec 25, 2003, at 6:42 PM, Neville Smythe wrote:

>  and type anything into the search field so that the Find button 
> pulsates

And that button is the culprit right there.  It's really OS X's fault, 
for making pulsating gumdrop eye candy that uses tons of CPU resources. 
(and it is the OS that's doing the rendering, not Rev). I think it's 
not just Revolution apps that have this problem.

With each release of Mac OS X it will get better. A workaround in one's 
own apps is just don't use the default button.

Also Tuviah mentioned some a different OS X API that will be used in 
future Rev releases- which will possibly do default buttons more 

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