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I think you may not be using the cascading menu button properly. It
sounds like you're attempting to use it like an option menu or pulldown
menu button, by just placing it on the card and hoping it will work.
Cascade menu buttons are intended to be placed in stacks that are
dropped down from a button as a "stack menu". If you aren't familiar
with what this is, think of it this way... an option/pulldown/popup menu
displays the contents of the button in the menu it displays. Stack menus
are a way to pop up a stack *as if it was a menu*; allowing you to
provide custom menus (like a color picker, tool palette, etc.). If you
place a cascading menu button in a stack that will be popped up as a
menu, it works properly (i.e. what you select triggers the menupick

If you look in the Transcript Dictionary under "cascade", you'll see
what I mean...

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> Hi all, 
> Its me again with my cascading menu problem. I have made 
> progress but I now 
> believe that the cascading menu buttons are a bit buggy. 
> Previously I mentioned 
> that when I clicked on an item, the menu just hanged and I 
> could highlight 
> and unhighlight a menuItem without a MenuPick message being 
> sent. Nothing 
> happened. 
> I now can get a menuPick message sent but I must highlight 
> the item with my 
> mouse and then press the return key. I would like to just 
> click with the mouse.
> Also, The button is not consistant in the way that it 
> activates. It does not 
> always cascade when I hover over the button and sometimes it 
> does. When it 
> doesn't, it requires a mouse clik.    I have tried all of the 
> options for 
> accessing a button with a mouse.
> Also, when will manuals be available. I'm new to revolution 
> (if you haven't 
> guessed) and not having a manual makes the learning curve 
> rather drawn out.
> Sincere thanks,
> John
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