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Mark Brownell gizmotron at
Wed Dec 24 10:55:04 EST 2003

On Wednesday, December 24, 2003, at 05:10  AM, Bob Hartley wrote:

> So it occurred to me that I should have a database of these code 
> snippets so I can search for say; "directory walking" and I will get 
> my preferred code. This will become essential as the code base grows.


  This is one of the reasons I'm building the MTML Notebook, beta 
testing in February. <directory walking> I have it working with code 
fragments and even displayed markup languages like displaying XML or 
HTML fragments. You would just copy your preferred code fragment from 
the script editor or some handler from this e-mail list for example and 
import it as a new page or add it to an existing page. After that you 
would take your "directory walking" phrase and use it as a tag set of 
brackets to isolate </directory walking> your text you wish to find. 
(like this paragraph)

This is done by highlighting a chunk of text, entering "directory 
walking" in the indicate text entry window and pressing a button. Your 
tag-set phrase is saved with your highlighted text & to a list and can 
be used at a later time to recall every instance that you used the 
phrase "directory walking" at. The notebook also includes a merge 
feature that allows any licensed version user to merge an additional 
document to an already open document. All tag-sets and phrases used 
will update the existing open file. This combination of files can then 
be saved. The free version has a save limitation that could prevent 
merging documents that are larger than allowed. The free version is 
provided for publishers that wish to have a powerful DRM solution for 
distributing copyrighted material. I'm bouncing between $19.95, $24.95, 
or $29.95 for the unlimited user version. My competition is selling for 
around $49.95 for similar notebook kind of archiving tools. Any 
suggestions on a price would be welcome?

So there can easily be a collaboration of preferred code snippets 
thrown together by many users that can be combined into a topically 
referenced file. There is even a topical Dictionary that can be 
imported and used as a construct library of commonly used phrases.

Sorry that it is just vapor ware today but it will be completed soon.

Mark Brownell

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