[ANN] CLIPSExamples 1.0 - a RevCLIPS demo app

Alex Rice alex at mindlube.com
Wed Dec 24 05:49:00 EST 2003

RevCLIPS is CLIPS rule based/object based expert system engine 
delivered as a Runtime Revolution external (native code library).

CLIPS 6.21 comes with several example programs for learning expert 
systems concepts and CLIPS programming. CLIPSExamples is a standalone 
executable app for MS Windows and Mac OS X. CLIPSExamples offers a 
simple GUI for running the example programs without the requirement of 
a CLIPS shell or command line program. The example programs included 
are the standard CLIPS examples:

Animal Identification
Automotive Simple Diagnostic
Cannibals and Missionaries Problem
Circuit Input/Output Simplification-circuit1
Circuit Input/Output Simplification-circuit2
Circuit Input/Output Simplification-circuit3
Farmer's Dilemma Problem 1
Farmer's Dilemma Problem 2
Farmer's Dilemma Problem 3
Gas/Electric Stove Diagnostic
Intelligent Automotive Judgement System
Mazda RX-7 rotary engine troubleshooter
Monkees and Bananas Sample Problem
Nematode Identification System
Number Puzzle Problem
Rock, Paper & Scissors Game
Wine Expert
Who Drinks Water? And Who owns the Zebra?

For more information about RevCLIPS and the free download of 
CLIPSExamples app <http://mindlube.com/developer/revclips/>

CLIPS <http://www.ghg.net/clips/CLIPS.html>

Runtime Revolution <http://www.runrev.com/>

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